Sigalia allows you to create whatever you can come up with. You have a class and vocation that give you the frame work for your character, but the finer details of your character are up to you!


If your class is what you are, your vocation is what you do. Each class comes with a choice of vocations to specialize your character with. You could become a Duelist without peer. Perhaps you want to be a Prophet of the end days or the charming and deceptive Snake oil Salesmen. Vocations will give you unique abilities and traits to truly make your character stand out


Sigalia features over 30 skills for your character to learn and use. Every skill is available to every character, and the higher your rank in a skill gives you new abilities to use with them.


Sigalia’s crafting system gives you flexible options to create the items you desire. Blades that can penetrate armor, whips that can be used to traverse cliffs and even potions that can close your wounds are just a few of the options available to you in Sigalia.

Art by Marc Belo


Create your own unique spells on the fly with the use of Sigilization. Magic requires focus and clear intent, but what that is up to you. Need a spell to decimate a hoard of enemies? Maybe you need a spell that protects your friendly warrior and also enhances his physical capabilities. You can create all of this and more, if you are willing to take the risk.

Monster Maker

Zombies, Spiders and Giant talking scorpions named James are all possible results of Sigalia’s Monster Maker. Create your own horrific abominations to use against your friends. The Monster Maker makes it possible to use the stuff of your nightmares to help enhance your story.

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