Play as one of five classes each with their own unique vocations and abilities to choose from. Your class is what your character is, while your vocation is what your character does.


Created by and for the purpose of war, these characters find glory through battle. The most trusted ally in the field of battle is the weapon you wield. Not to be mistaken for simple brutes, these men and women use a combination of tactics and skill to vanquish the problem in front of them.


When you have a problem you just can not solve, it is time to find a Mavan. These specialists are peers without equal in their chosen set of skills. Whether they are hunting down a bounty or enchanting an audience their cleverness and guile will leave foes bewildered and broke.


Power does not come from strength or wit alone, sometimes all you need is the right amount of shillings. Merchants can find, or make, almost anything. Through the use of their contacts they can get you whatever you need, for a price of course. Merchants bring all sorts of gadgets and business opportunities to an adventuring party.


These men and women stand as idealistic pillars of their people. They harness the power of Karma to aid allies and hamper foes. When people are distraught they turn to a Hierophant for guidance. Their connection to the Nine Ideals gives them the ability to change fate itself.


Mage’s wield the power of Sigilization to produce magical effects. A mage draws power from the houses of magic to shape the world around them. While these affects are spectacular the process risks harming not only themselves but friend and foe alike.

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