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What is Sigalia?

© Sigalia 2018 Art by Marc Belo

The essence of Sigalia is creating a story with and through the imaginations of you and your friends and then experiencing it with them, first-hand.

Creators and long-time friends Phil Roth and Ben Lucas applied their years exploring the full range of existing table-top roleplaying games to develop something both unique and familiar. Sigalia’s easy-to-understand world-rules welcome even the newest players, eager to get awayfrom screen time and interact in real life over pizza, coffee, or just great conversation. Roth brings his Drama degree and theatrical talents to Sigalia’s gameplay, creating just the right blend of a fanciful setting and pragmatic outcomes.

Sigalia’s Adventurer’s Guide is the essential reference tool for every player. It steers you and your adventuring friends as you develop vivid stories and challenging scenarios to test your talents and ingenuity. Skills you practice and master in Sigalia can even carry over into real world situations, like negotiation and problem-solving. You develop the details of your characters so they and you can flourish in this escapist environment for a few hours at a time.

The level of sophistication is up to you, but the rules of life in Sigalia may catch even the most seasoned warrior asking, why?

What makes Sigalia different from the decades-old roleplaying games is its unmatched flexibility and emphasis on freedom. Rather than being defined by someone else’s instructions, Sigalia gives you the tools to invent your own spells and equipment. Unorthodox yet powerful weapons, disgusting potions, crazy-supernatural abilities, or any other equipment you dream up, are used to win a round of play. But with a Gamemaster narrating and directing the story as it unfolds, Sigalia’s rules also bring a
touch of realism onto the pretend field of battle. Just like one false step has ended many lives on earth, each action you take in Sigalia matters, too. Combat in Sigalia is intense and moves quickly, and taking a direct hit from a weapon has more impact than just deducting numbers on your character sheet. Many people who train to fight will tell you one simple truth: the best way to survive combat is to avoid it.

If you are concerned that characters could become too powerful or unequal, don’t be. Sigalia has its own set of checks and balances in place to prevent that. It gives you the frame and canvas, you just need to paint the picture. Sigalia is an accommodating gaming system that allows you to conjure up anything—charismatic swashbucklers, or plants that feed on bodily fluids. Be forewarned, however: as in life, while all characters may be exceptional at something, they will always have a potentially fatal flaw. Part of being a hero or villain is overcoming your weaknesses.

Best yet, unlike in other games, you are not defined rigidly by your class. In Sigalia, you are defined by your actions. While slaying deadly monsters is always fun, where you battle it out is even more important. Sigalia has a variety of lands to explore and a rich history to draw inspiration from. The opening pages of The Magician’s Tale sets the dramatic stage of humans’ fundamental quest to be free from the chains of slavery. Sigalia emphasizes the concept of Sigils, eight symbols which represent the elements that make up the world: Air, Earth, Fire, Metal, Mind, Spirit, Water and Wood. As on earth, these vital components of life are respected, exploited, and oftentimes victorious through death.
Join with your friends on a journey through the land of Sigalia.
Unite in the fight for human freedom, and become the hero or heroine you always wanted to be.



Play as one of five classes each with their own unique vocations and abilities to choose from. Your class is what your character is, while your vocation is what your character does.


Created by and for the purpose of war, these characters find glory through battle. The most trusted ally in the field of battle is the weapon you wield. Not to be mistaken for simple brutes, these men and women use a combination of tactics and skill to vanquish the problem in front of them.


When you have a problem you just can not solve, it is time to find a Mavan. These specialists are peers without equal in their chosen set of skills. Whether they are hunting down a bounty or enchanting an audience their cleverness and guile will leave foes bewildered and broke.


Power does not come from strength or wit alone, sometimes all you need is the right amount of shillings. Merchants can find, or make, almost anything. Through the use of their contacts they can get you whatever you need, for a price of course. Merchants bring all sorts of gadgets and business opportunities to an adventuring party.


These men and women stand as idealistic pillars of their people. They harness the power of Karma to aid allies and hamper foes. When people are distraught they turn to a Hierophant for guidance. Their connection to the Nine Ideals gives them the ability to change fate itself.


Mage’s wield the power of Sigilization to produce magical effects. A mage draws power from the houses of magic to shape the world around them. While these affects are spectacular the process risks harming not only themselves but friend and foe alike.


Sigalia allows you to create whatever you can come up with. You have a class and vocation that give you the frame work for your character, but the finer details of your character are up to you!


If your class is what you are, your vocation is what you do. Each class comes with a choice of vocations to specialize your character with. You could become a Duelist without peer. Perhaps you want to be a Prophet of the end days or the charming and deceptive Snake oil Salesmen. Vocations will give you unique abilities and traits to truly make your character stand out


Sigalia features over 30 skills for your character to learn and use. Every skill is available to every character, and the higher your rank in a skill gives you new abilities to use with them.


Sigalia’s crafting system gives you flexible options to create the items you desire. Blades that can penetrate armor, whips that can be used to traverse cliffs and even potions that can close your wounds are just a few of the options available to you in Sigalia.

Art by Marc Belo


Create your own unique spells on the fly with the use of Sigilization. Magic requires focus and clear intent, but what that is up to you. Need a spell to decimate a hoard of enemies? Maybe you need a spell that protects your friendly warrior and also enhances his physical capabilities. You can create all of this and more, if you are willing to take the risk.

Monster Maker

Zombies, Spiders and Giant talking scorpions named James are all possible results of Sigalia’s Monster Maker. Create your own horrific abominations to use against your friends. The Monster Maker makes it possible to use the stuff of your nightmares to help enhance your story.